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This is what has been happening with Otis Russian Blues:-

12/11/2013 - Pushka had one female kitten on the 27th October - needs a permanent loving home. Enquiries please phone 01246 202951

1/11/2011 - All kittens now have homes

23/10/2011 - We have had a litter of three kittens, two of which have been promised to new homes, so we have one kitten left from the litter.

17/2/2008 - It is with great sadness that we announce that we have lost 'Nastova Puschkinia' just after her 15th birthday. She was the matriach, our original Russian Blue who without her Otis Russian Blues would not exist today! She has produced some fantastic kittens in her time, including our Ruskie, Aleksei, and she was grandmother to Pushka our new future breeding queen. We will miss her dreadfully, she was a very much loved part of the family, and will take pride of place in our hearts. Thankyou Puschkin, may your spirit live on in Otis Russian Blues for many years to come. Rest in peace little one, we are honoured that you shared your life with us, we shall never forget you.

18/4/2007 - The one boy has now been sold.

13/4/2007 - Due to one non sale, one of the litter is still available - a baby boy.

2/4/2007 - Aleksei has finally given birth - to five (yes five!) gorgeous kittens. Some photo's will be posted up soon. Unfortunately all have homes to go to, the next litter will not be till next year now.

28/3/2007 - Aleksei is finally preggers after a few attempts. She is due in the next couple of weeks and it looks like she'll have a litter of three.

13/1/2006 - Enhanced new website design has gone live (only slight changes). Karen Godwin of Czarcatz (http://www.czarcatz.com) has emailed loads of pedigree sheets which make interesting reading. These will be added as soon as the website administrator has time. The new design has updated photo's of the latest kittens.

12/1/2006 - Both baby boys are doing well and are on solids (though Aleksei is still nursing them). We are going to try and send Aleksei to stud a bit earlier this year (we only send her once a year - most cats can have 3 litters a year).

1/1/2006 - Happy New Year to everyone. Aleksei's latest litter are already promised to good homes. However if you are looking for a kitten, please telephone the Russian Blue Breeders Association (link is on the link page). They can put you into contact with other breeders who have kittens available.

18/12/2005 - Karela (one of our own blues) has unfortunately died and she will be missed.

25/11/2005 - Aleksei has given birth to two gorgeous boys and is nursing them perfectly.

06/10/2005 - Aleksei started calling a few weeks back and was sent to stud. She is now safely back and we await the results! If she is pregnant then kittens will be born around the end of December.

05/06/2005 - Breeder is planning on sending Aleksei to stud in November so kittens will be due around January again.

05/06/2005 - Database code updated to show felines that are not currently complete with information (100+ cats now). Need photo's, show information, pedigree etc. The database page now lists these.

05/06/2005 - Database updated with Otis Tsarevich Nijinksy, Otis Aleksei Valentina, Otis Alyeksandr Russeski, Otis Kholmogory and Otis Karela.

01/06/2005 - Links page updated with a load of russian blue cat/kitten related links.

26/03/2005 - Our latest batch of kittens are nearly ready to go to their new homes. Presently there are no further kittens available, but check back for information on when the next litter is due.

26/03/2005 - Website live with only a few minor modifications needed and some database information to be inputted.

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