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blue kitten Please read our news page to see if we have kittens available

We here at Otis Russian Blues make sure that our kittens get off to a good start in life. We expect that the homes they go to provide them with a safe and loving home and given the respect that they deserve. The kittens are socialised with other cats and people before going to their new homes at about 13 weeks old. We will provide owners with helpful advice wherever possible throughout the felines life.

For kitten availability please check out the news page for information on any upcoming litters. You can also "reserve" a kitten but please be prepared to wait! When we have a kitten available we ask you to visit to see the kitten and also to pay a small deposit (non-refundable). You can arrange further visits as your kitten grows and we will also update our online database with photo's as it grows.

Each kitten is innocculated against Feline Panleucopenia, Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis and Feline Calicivirus (enteritis and cat flu). We are a leukemia free household where all of our cats are tested and vaccinated against leukemia. As part of the breeding process the queen is also tested before going to stud. We prefer not to administer the Feline Leukaemia (FeLV) innoculation at the same time as to give the kittens immune system time to recover from the first batch of injections. Instead we ask the new owner to do this very soon after the new kitten has gone to it's new home and gives the owner the opportunity to have the kitten microchipped at the same time. blue kittens

All our kittens are reared to be pets and new owners have to sign a contract with us requiring them to get their kitten neutered with a letter sent from their vets to this effect. Neutering does not harm the cat and should be done for social, health and population control reasons. For male cats this should be done once the testes have descended which is usually between four and six months. For females, they should be spayed before their first season occurs. This is usually around 6 months but can be sooner depending on the time of year they were born.

We have insurance for the kittens which covers them for the first six weeks of ownership and we recommend that insurance is taken out by the new owner after this period has expired. There are many places that offer pet insurance and each plan will have its good and bad points, so you must check the policy carefully to make sure that it fulfills your expectections.

All of our kittens are registered with the prefix of "Otis" and the rest of the pedigree name is up to the owner if you reserve your kitten soon enough. Pedigree names have a limit of 24 alphanumeric characters (including the prefix) and must be registered first by the breeder, and the registration is then transferred to the new owner.

If you would like to become a member of the Russian Blue Breeders Association (RBBA) you have to be proposed and seconded by existing members and then approved by the committee. Fortunately both of us at Otis Russian Blues are members so can both propose and second you. queen and blue kittens

In order to prepare for your new bundle of joy, we recommend that you have the following; Carrier box (big enough for an adult cat to turnaround in and one which allows the feline to see out of), Hooded Litter Box (Russian Blues are very private cats and like to spray litter all over the place!), Grit Litter, Some toys (Skitty Kitty mice are a fav - see the links page), Scratching post (to save on furniture), Cat bed, Fine toothed grooming comb, Food and water bowls, Nail Clippers, Worming tablets (such as Drontal - obtain only from your vets), Flea treatment (such as Frontline - obtain only from your vets).

If you wish to show your feline, we can provide you with a wealth of information on what to do, what you need and what to expect. Some people like to show their cats, some indifferent and some hate it - it's entirely up to you.

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